The Wedding in a Nutshell

Who, what, where, why, when?

Michael Thomas Marcacci and Emily Martha Shafer are getting married at 4:00pm at The Prado in historic Balboa park, San Diego, California. An outdoor cocktail hour and a seated dinner reception will follow the ceremony. Your food options for the dinner will be included in the RSVP of your formal invitation, which will be sent in March.


San Diego is beautiful in June! Dress in something sharp that won't have you sweating on a partly cloudy, 69° day. If you're worried about matching the wedding party (we won't mind!), you might want to avoid these options: the groomsmen are wearing grey suits; the bridesmaids are wearing short, navy blue dresses.

Ceremony & Reception

The ceremony will take place in the Casa del Rey Moro garden, and the reception in the ballroom of The Prado at Balboa Park. The two locations are mere steps from each other in San Diego's historical Balboa Park.

Google will be your best bet for directions to the wedding. Click here to get directions.

Balboa Park has lots of parking, but it may take some time to find a spot (June 16th being Father's Day and all). The closest lot is a short walk from wedding site, on Pan American Road East, just behind the Spreckels Organ Pavilion.


We have a room block at the Manchester Grand Hyatt for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. They've agreed to a fantasic special rate, and we have reserved a suite there to host a hospitality party on Saturday Evening for all out-of-town guests! This will be a casual time to meet up, grab some great local food and drinks, and just relax.

Hospitality Party

If you're here from out of town, stop by the Manchester Grand Hyatt Suite 560 at 5:30 or any time thereafter on Saturday June 15th for a light meal, plenty of drinks, and a casual atmosphere to meet up with the two families. Stay for several hours or just say hi.

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Solène Clavel

The maid of honor, and my best friend for six years. Solene's interests include being a pro ice skater, Chickfila breakfasts, and having good taste in music. Solene likes spending time in Australia studying architecture and going bungee jumping.


Ali Turnquist

My junior-year roomie and main source of cool clothes to borrow. Ali is crazy, loud, and one of the most thoughtful people I know. She will bake you cupcakes before you can count say Business/Accounting major. She is also an intern with Ernst and Young...legit.


Jordan Ackerman

My other roommate from this past year. Jordan enjoys changing her major during Junior year and still graduating on time, being a hostess at a steakhouse, and growing up in an avocado orchard. And no, she isn't french.


Melissa Douglas

Melissa is gorgeous and short and already married. She enjoys graduating with a 4.0 and working for a world-class company in Redlands. When she's not being successful in all other areas of life, Melissa likes rock climbing with her huband Michael and being a badass.


Sarah Powell

Sarah is my bio major bud. We have written way too many lab reports together, and gotten way too distracted in the process with Chris Brown pandora, Chick-fil-a, and Photobooth. Couldn’t have survived that last three years of school without her!


Heather Harbottle

Heather (pronounced Heh-dor) is my bud from Klassen 2nd South hall freshman year. Our favorite memories include back rubs, pretending to study together, and having sleepovers in her incredibly comfy twin college bed. Heather has the funniest laugh I have ever seen.


Anna Ver Beek

Gracing the campus of PLNU from Honduras is the beautiful Anna Ver Beak, who, after being hall mates with me last year, somehow still enjoys spending time with me in the Outdoor Leadership program. Besides doing things like biking across Honduras, Anna enjoys double majoring in Art and International Studies. She joined the bridal party after returning from a semester spend studying abroad in Hungary.



Timothy Marcacci

The best man. My little brother (at 6-foot, 2-inches short). Business major. Badass. Got scouted by a top model agency and turned them down. (Twice)


Eric Jensen

Arizona police officer, my best bud from all of high school. We go way back. Ironically my all-time partner in mischievous crime.


Dustin Towery

Brilliant graphic/space/everything designer. My business partner. Roomie since forever. I'm kind of divorcing him to live with Emily.


Jon Ramos

Athletic trainer, also works for Hawaiian Airlines. One of the best people you'll ever meet. Long-time roomie & hall mate since Freshman year. He can grow the best mustache I've ever seen and is getting married in July!


Mark Boerneke

Chem grad student at UCSD. Friend since Freshman year. The only other guy to get full flights with me at every brewery. Oh, and he's getting married this August!


Michael Douglas

In med school. Outdoor crazy man (for real, does almost every extreme sport). Taught me to climb. More or less introduced me to Emily.


Matt Shafer

Politically connected, über smart philosophy guy from some no-name school (Yale). Does crazy things all over the planet all the time. My future brother in law.